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Simplify your non-profit's program marketing and development with a full featured website that has donor management seamlessly built in.
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Why People Love GiveDMS!

GiveDMS has changed how we engage with our supporters. Their donation process not only makes it easier for donors to contribute but also ensures that every donation is accurately tracked and acknowledged. Our fundraising efforts have become more efficient, allowing us to focus more on our mission.
Emma, Development Coordinator
The ability to quickly edit and update our website has empowered our team. We're more agile, responsive, and able to communicate our mission effectively. Our development team is loving how easy it is to track donors and create new fundraising campaigns on the website.
Nathan, Executive Director
I was new to using a donor management system and expected a tough learning process, but I was pleasantly surprised. The easy interface was straightforward and made it easy for me to work on our fundraising efforts right away. Also the support was great, they helped me set up a campaign on my website and also gave me tips on how to market it to my community.
Megan, Development
We used to dread updating our old website. Now, it's simple and intuitive. We can change content, add program details, and highlight our development campaigns without needing technical help!
Elena, Marketing Manager
This system has changed how we approach fundraising. The ability to create targeted campaigns and have donations collected right in our website has empowered us to do more creative development efforts because the technical aspect is no longer holding us back.
David, Executive Director

Have you had enough of the current way you manage your website and donors?

Do you feel like your current method is stuck in the past? Is your current method difficult to use and/or cluttered with unused features? Does your current method of donor management fail to integrate seamlessly with your website?

Are you always trying to track down donor information and wasting time doing tons of data entry to keep donor information up to date?

Do you find yourself trying to figure out how to edit your website, only to find that it looks poor in the end or is limited in functionality?

Do you have a donor management system that does not integrate well with your website and makes it a chore to get your website setup to market a fundraising campaign?

Or maybe the worst of them all, do you find yourself working to with donors to help them make a donation on your website?

GiveDMS has you covered!

Gone are the days of working with clunky donor management systems the integrate poorly with your website. With GiveDMS everything is all in one place, so you can simply market both your development and programs.

We integrate your website and donor management system into one, easy to use platform. Your website is custom made from the ground up for your organization, we then add our integrated a Donor Management System that allows you to accept donations, track donors, and keep your website the cornerstone of your marketing/development efforts. 
We make it easy to market your programs and manage your donors. 


Your Very Own Custom Website

Yes, we make you a custom website.  Not a templated website with limitations, a fully custom website that matches your brand.  This means you will never outgrow your website.

  • We work with you to make your website work for your organization.
  • Your website can grow with your organization. Start small and add pages and features as you need them.
  • The site can be crafted specifically for your community, maximizing engagement a with both your initiatives and donation campaigns.
  • We almost forgot, your donor management will be integrated directly into your website, so adding a donation form for a new campaign is a breeze.

Easy Donation Forms

Your organization is always looking for new ways to raise money, your website should be able to make it easy.  Our easy donation forms are built directly into the website and allow you to quickly create a new form for your next big fundraising campaign.

  • Full featured form builder. If you need a specific field added to a form, you can do it by dropping it in.
  • Simple for the donor to use.
  • blah

Donor Management

Manage your donors with ease. Our intuitive donor management system empowers you to cultivate relationships and track contributions. From personalized communication to comprehensive reporting, stay ahead of the curve with powerful tools designed to fuel your fundraising efforts.

We do it all for you: create the website, set up the donor management, connect the payment processor, maintain everything moving forward.
You won't have to worry about a thing!

Let's get some of your questions answered!

Does GiveDMS have X feature?
GiveDMS was designed to cover the most common features that organizations use to manage their donors.  We do not have all of the features, nor do we want GiveDMS to be bloated with features that 99% of the users don't use. That being said,  give us a shout with your requirement and we will let you know if GiveDMS can do it!

Who maintains and makes edits to the website?
The website and donor management system will be hosted on the GiveDMS infrastructure, which is managed by the GiveDMS team. Every GiveDMS plan comes with some monthly time for the GiveDMS team to make edits to your website.  We are here to help with your edit requests. Also, you will have access to the website to make edits, add pages, create donation forms, etc.  You can be as involved as you want!

What payment processors do you integrate with?
We have our favorites and we like to stick to payment processors that don't charge monthly fees on top of processing fees.  At the top of our list is Stripe and Square because they only charge you when a transaction is made.  We also can integrate with, PayPal and 2Checkout.

Is the website mine?
Yes, the website is yours! If you decide that GiveDMS is not for you, you can find a DMS provider that is a better fit and take the website with you. Since the donor management is proprietary and hosted on the GiveDMS infrastructure, that is not yours to keep.  We will provide you with your website and your donor database, but none of the donor management functionality that was built into your website while on the GiveDMS infrastructure.

Does GiveDMS provide a domain name?
No, you provide the domain name or as some people call it the URL. We feel that only the organization should own their domain name because it is root of their online promotion and they should safeguard it. We would be happy to help you purchase and set one up, but we will make sure it is yours, in a registrar account that you own.

Do you offer a multilingual option?
Yes we do! Multilingual sites all have unique characteristics. Give us a shout and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

What type of reports can I export?
We have all of the common reports covered.  If you have a special request, give us a shout and we will let you know if we can build a report specifically for your organization.

What are you waiting for?

Unlock the power of efficiency and impact with our all-in-one website and donor management system!
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